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I'm a big-time music junkie. I listen to all kinds of stuff, but my favorite genres are probably shoegaze, dreampop, post-punk, folk, psychedelic rock, new-wave, synth-pop, trip-hop and r&b.

My chihuahua looks like a tiny bat and is named is Mortimer. 

I am a compulsive documentarian. For cultural events, I shoot with a Canon DSLR, but my favorite cameras are the Lomo LC-A, Nikon N65 and everything instant. 

I'm into Surrealism, Dadaism, arthouse cinema, psychedelia, the occult, witchcraft, mysticism, and most things that involve escaping mundane socialization. Boundaries aren't my thing- just ask my therapist!

I need a balance of a bustling walking city and sprawling nature in the mountains, like Virginia Woolf.

I'm inspired by retro-futurism: the atomic age, Mid-century Modern design, Eames, mod styling, the Bauhaus movement, 70's sci-fi art, eco-domes, etc.

I love the texture of flax linen.

My inner-goth fancies the horror genre (namely Giallo films), Halloween, antique dolls, the Victorian era, Gothic architecture, pierrot clowns, Weimar Berlin, and vampy silent film stars. Oh, and lots of weird poetry.

I am a Mediterranean Jew.

While living in NYC, I became fascinated with the history and aesthetic of drag queens, Harlem ballrooms, New Romantics, Blitz kids, and NYC club kids. 

Midway carnivals are still the best.


Hyper-cute things, such as kawaii, kewpie dolls, pop-surrealism, and kitsch provide a joyful relief.

You'll have my heart on a platter if you take me to a pâtisserie or for high tea.

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