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1. I'm a huge music geek. My favorite genres are shoegaze, dreampop, folk, post-punk, new-wave, synthpop and psychedelic rock.

2. Cinephile alert: Follow me on Letterboxd!

3. My Chihuahua (Mortimer) looks like a tiny bat.

4. My favorite cameras are the Lomo LC-A, Vivitar Wide and Slim, Nikon N65 and Polaroids. I like lo-fi.

5. Vegetarian.

6. Most things esoteric: Surrealism, Dada, occult, witchcraft, mysticism, alchemy, Hermeticism, magick, paranormality, etc.

7. Retro-futurism: the atomic era, Mid-century Modern design, space age fashion, Bauhaus,  70's sci-fi art.

8. My inner-goth fancies horror, Halloween, the Victorian era, Gothic architecture, Pierrot clowns, silent film vamps, and Weimar Berlin. 

9. Proud Mediterranean Jew

10. Drag queens, Harlem ballrooms, New Romantics, Blitz kids, and downtown club kids. 


11. My childlike side fancies midway carnivals, kawaii, kewpie dolls, pop-surrealism, and kitsch.

12. I love poetry- especially experimental/non-narrative.

13. I'm inspired by avant-garde and innovative fashion design and view it as wearable art.

14. It's a dream of mine to live in an eco-dome by Cal-Earth.

15. Afternoon tea services + pâtisseries are essentially the way to my heart.

16. I'm a bit obsessed with zines, artists' books, printed matter, video art, and experimental montage films (especially when they're related to social movements). 

17. Constantly craving a balance of a bustling walking city + nature in the mountains.