1. I'm a huge music geek, and I listen to mostly everything. My favorite genres are shoegaze, dreampop, folk, post-punk, new-wave, synthpop, r&b, psychedelic rock, and 60's lounge. My favorite thing to do is to make playlists, so check out my current tracks below.

2. Cinephile: Follow me on Letterboxd 

3. My Chihuahua (Mortimer) looks like a tiny bat. I also have a blue-eyed kitty named Jax.

4. My favorite cameras are the Lomo LC-A, Vivitar Wide and Slim, Nikon N65 and Polaroids. I shoot film.

5. Vegetarian

6. Most things esoteric: Surrealism, Dada, occult, witchcraft, mysticism, alchemy, Hermeticism, magick, etc.

7. Retro-futurism: the atomic era, Mid-century Modern design, space age fashion, Bauhaus, 70's sci-fi art.

8. Giallo films, Halloween, the Victorian era, Gothic architecture, Pierrot clowns, silent film vamps, Weimar Berlin, and most things spooky. 

9. Mediterranean Jew: Sephardic/Romaniote

10. Drag queens, Harlem ballrooms, New Romantics, Blitz kids, and downtown club kids. 


11. Midway carnivals, kawaii, kewpie dolls, pop-surrealism, and kitsch.

12. I love poetry.

13. I'm inspired by avant-garde and innovative fashion/costume design. I am also big fan of Japanese street fashion.

14. Traditional high teas + pâtisseries are essentially the way to my heart.

15. Zines, radical media, artist books, printed matter, video art, and experimental montage films.

16. Constantly craving a balance of a bustling walking city + nature in the mountains and forests.

17. I am extremely passionate about social equality.

18. The old East Village of New York City is one of my biggest inspirations.





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